Belated Day 696

I didn’t expect to have to do so many belated posts, but that’s part of the thing about depression I guess, it’s unpredictable. In the morning, I was actually able to hang out, mostly alone, with my pregnant sister for a couple of hours. Sure, it left me thoroughly depressed, but I was able to see her. And as a rare positive observation, I would have been even more depressed if the new medications had not been prescribed.

The library was swapped out for going with my Pop-o to take my grandmother to mass. Well, I tried to go to mass. The sanctuary was very warm and stuffy and I started to get restless and panicky. So I locked myself into the car with the windows rolled down in the pointless attempt to try to catch a breeze, and caught up on an old book.

Then, even more listless and depressed, I sat while we got her food and drove her home. Once at home I collapsed in bed for a few hours before getting up to watch a television show with my parents and read them our nightly chapter of “Matilda.”

So I don’t know how you would label that day, but that was day 696.

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