Blog Post 689/undeserving

The last few days I have not had the energy to write, simply unable to even type out a few hundred words.

But now, I can feel the patronus surrounding me again, drawing the evil away from me, keeping it at bay, so that my mind is plagued but has no pain. Anesthesia. Even my fingers feel further away from me, I feel everything less. I don’t care that he’s broken me anymore, I feel the same way, broken, but I simply laugh at my pain. Oh, such is life i tell myself.  Oh, and about HER? Being able to be with him? Closed and a facade, she gets to be with him?

Ah well, in the next life I tell myself now.

I must think I’ll have a lot of lives because I tell myself things will differently in the form of two or three different lifetimes and I desperately want them. Please, Universe.

People are so undeserving. Yet so am I.

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Alias: Kuckoo Savant
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One Response to Blog Post 689/undeserving

  1. ihatepoetry says:

    Intriguing post.


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