Day 669- Disneyland and Instagram

Today, my mother and I took a spur of the moment trip to Disneyland. Since, as I have posted before, I feel bad with the time and attention that she hasn’t been able to give to my sister, we invited my sister and her boyfriend to come with us. The weather was in fact so hot today that we only went on one ride, Pirates Of The Caribbean. However, we have season passes so we’ll just go back another day.

However, the heat, on top of seeing happy people, kids of all ages, and my pregnant sister, my mood has taken a turn for the worse. I downloaded Instagram again, and I am sure I will end up regretting this as Instagram will helpfully remind me that we used to be friends. Plus, seeing other people’s happy moods gets to me on most days.

I’ll write more tomorrow. I can feel the beginnings of sunburns and am feeling very listless.

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2 Responses to Day 669- Disneyland and Instagram

  1. ihatepoetry says:

    Good post, but I think you’re correct – don’t download Instagram. Remember, the law of cause and effect – if you do things that may hurt you, you can’t be surprised when it eventually does hurt. I say minimize your own self-harm. If that includes staying off social media, then do it. Just stop and ask yourself: should I be doing this? And don’t answer the question using some arbitrary set of standards: judge it on what effect it might have on you. If it isn’t helping, then leave it alone. Love you.

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