Keeping the past in the past

I would do well to remind myself each time I stumble that the past is the past for a reason. There’s a reason that I stopped talking to certain people, or doing certain things. But time passes and leads me to forget, tells me that maybe my gut was wrong and that things could be different.

NO! I must tell myself over and over again. If they missed you, they would write or call, but they don’t so they won’t. The past is not for dwelling in if you miss out on today.

Things are..going. Not going good, but going. We are in the process of selecting a dog to train as a service dog and just haven’t found the right one yet, but we are making progress. That is something. And I’ll look into subsidies so that I can live in or around the city that I have wanted to live in for a long time, and it’s not so far from home. So I just have to be patient.

I don’t know exactly the source of it but the Buddha taught something that really resonates with how I am feeling lately, so I thought I’d share it here.

“Do not pursue the past.

Do not lose yourself in the future.

The past no longer is.

The future is not yet come.

Looking deeply at life as it is

in the very here and now,

the practitioner dwells in stability and freedom.

We must be diligent today.

To wait until tomorrow is too late.

Death comes unexpectedly, how can we bargain with it?

The sage calls a person who knows how to dwell in mindfulness night and day

‘one who knows the better way to live alone'”

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10 Responses to Keeping the past in the past

  1. Kate says:

    I have been spending a lot of time with my mother and sister lately. I’ve let myself get sucked into the past. Why I don’t know….because in my sister’s version she will always be an angel, and I will always be less than.

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    • masterpieceofadisaster says:

      I’m so sorry that your family makes you feel inferior. Family is so tricky sometimes. Take a step back maybe and take care of you, instead of hanging out with people who make you feel bad about yourself
      Thank you for commenting!


  2. Aurora says:

    You know, there’s both wisdom and harm in what the Buddha says, I think. For me — a wife, and mother of four — often, the present sucks ass. So does the past and foreseeable future. Honestly, all the answers I can find to dig me out of these holes — or at least tunnel my way through to the next bowl of dirt — is to laugh (I am completely stupid as much as possible, even to the point of seeming like I’m schizophrenic) and really disappear into music … dance music.

    … for what it’s worth

    Our brains are our enemies. All those thoughts are literally killing us. And it’s not even a matter of changing negative thoughts into positive thoughts. It’s more like we really just have to shut our brains off completely. I’d tell you to exercise, but I find it nearly impossible to get going. What I can manage is to clean and throw myself into physical projects (like trimming bushes or something). The busier I keep my body, the more easily I’m able to stay alive and rise, even the tiniest bit, above the darkness.

    And the crazy thing is, I’m extremely blessed. I have healthy children, the sweetest husband. It’s not like my circumstances are bad. It’s that my brain is bad. And yet, it’s so beautiful. I’d imagine yours is too. You seem like an excellent writer … tormented and smart; the perfect combination for creating art.

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  3. S says:

    Yes, I do that every few days, when I “switch” (identities).

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