Mystery Solved

The only people I really want to talk to, won’t talk to me. It’s still sinking in. My symptoms tend to push people away. It’s happened before and it will probably happen again. But it never stops hurting any less.

It’s like I have an evil twin, running around and ruining things. Because I can’t help it. My symptoms are what lead me to this blog and they are why I will probably die this way.

Maybe after I’m not such a hassle and have electricity shot through my head, maybe then you’ll talk to me again. Until then I wish them well.

I forgot what day this is. Too tired to do math. Sobbing too hard to see the keyboard. todat things could hardly be worse.

About masterpieceofadisaster

Alias: Kuckoo Savant
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2 Responses to Mystery Solved

  1. Aurora says:

    I hear you, girl. You have no idea.

    You know what helps? Being an idiot and talking to myself incessantly. It’s kind of my thing.

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    • masterpieceofadisaster says:

      I talk to myself a lot too haha. and i’m so sorry that you know the same pain. thank you for commenting 🙂


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