A year ago

Facebook just had to pop up and remind me. Pop up and remind me that a year ago, I was so much happier.

I may be turning a corner but it’s taking forever to round the bend and I’m sick of getting bludgeoned with painful memories the whole time.

Not okay today.

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9 Responses to A year ago

  1. S says:

    This is why I am so anti-memory, to a large degree. I at least try to keep it foggy, blurry, surreal.

    What do you like? Like top few things. Candles, incense, music. That’s my immediate response list. How can we/you slip more top-three stuff into life?

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    • masterpieceofadisaster says:

      Thank you S. I try to be anti memory as well. music writing and exercise are a few of mine 🙂 though when i’m bedridden all three of those things are less enjoyable, if I can take any joy in them at all


      • S says:

        I am having a nice chuckle, imagining you exercising on your back in bed. For some reason, I’m envisioning swimming motions. 🙂

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      • masterpieceofadisaster says:

        That’s so funny! my mom suggests imagining swimming motions all the time as i used to be on a swim team


  2. S says:

    Sometimes I like to play color games in my head. Pick a color and envision/explore things you imagine in that color, whether they actually are or not. I’m going to do green as I dall asleep … starting with a green sunflower and a green-skinned fairy … because only I invent my world.

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  3. S says:

    *fall* asleep …

    But maybe it would be more relaxing to “doll” asleep … pretend I’m a doll on the bed instead of a person.

    Or I could Dali asleep …


  4. S says:

    Are you into dancing? You should watch So You Think You Can Dance with me on Monday nights. Soooo awesome. I promise you’ll feel good after watching it.

    I always post my favorite dance routines as the show really gets going. So far, they’re still trying to narrow it down to the top 10 or 20 who will actually compete.


    Jason Derulo is usually one of the judges. He’s so fly. 😛

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